We provide a wide spectrum of legal assistance, advice and support services to a large number of medium-sized partnerships and corporations. Our clients appreciate having all of their legal concerns addressed in one place and ask us for assistance in matters ranging from industrial law issues to the preparation of compulsory executions.

We do not approach the legal difficulties of any of our clients as isolated problems. Since most of our clients entrust us with all of their legal concerns, irrespective of legal branch, we are familiar with and can consider the company as an entity and thus work towards achieving holistic solutions.

Our clients may use our law firm as an outsourced legal department and take advantage of our comprehensive legal and trade knowledge.

We work with a large number of medium-sized businesses from diverse business sectors, such as leasing, advertisement, direct marketing, software manufacture, car rental, haulage, food, commerce and production, service, etc.

Due to this diversity, we have developed a high degree of legal flexibility and versatility: We are used to quickly familiarizing ourselves with the unique features of specialist fields.

We offer our clients legal training programs to help them prevent and avoid legal problems – before they happen. We consider this a type of legal prophylaxis and use it to relay and hone an awareness of potential legal problem areas.

We also offer sector-specific workshops and seminars to sales force members that address such potential problem areas as the design of contracts and general terms and conditions of business as well as warranty claims.