Our work focuses on achieving solutions and results. We therefore represent the interests of our clients also in out of court proceedings and support them with legal advice whenever they decide to follow less well-trodden paths. We carry out complicated and legally complex negotiations to find fast, satisfying and easily realizable solutions to legal problems.

We make full use of the possibilities the litigation system has to offer and represent our clients’ interests before the courts.

We never consider thorough, detailed legal analyses to be ends in themselves but instead cornerstones upon which we can base our recommendations after factoring in risks and costs.

We believe in providing our clients with less theoretical and more practical legal advice. Solutions need to be applicable to the everyday business world and clients must be able to easily integrate them into their company structures and realize them as quickly as possible.

We consider ourselves to be legal service providers and make use of goal-oriented tactics to achieve cost-effective solutions. In order to maintain the trust and confidence necessary for a smoothly functioning client-attorney relationship, we consider it a matter of course to inform our clients of the costs of any services rendered in their name – right from the beginning.

Modern legal advice is not only needed in times of conflict. We believe in offering anticipatory strategic advice, especially during contract negotiations.

We draw our clients’ attention to potential risks during the preparation of such documents as contracts or general terms and conditions of business. This helps to avoid future legal problems.